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In the beginning

I am one of the many examples of mere mortals (and by "mortal", I mean "not-a-gymnast/dancer/athlete extraordinaire") whose life changed when immersed in the world of yoga.


Not only a plain human but also a mum, who would babywear whilst pushing a buggy, despite the fact her stomach had a diastasis recti as wide as the London Thames, and her pelvis felt like it'd been stabbed at every buggy pushing step.


And let's not forget the baby brain that lasted way beyond babyhood... 

But all this was about to change. 

Yoga, naturally

After an on-and-off yoga practice at home, I properly, head over heels, fell in love with yoga a few years ago, during our "big family escape" in Thailand. My then teeny boys, their dad and I took a year-long break from London life and set roots in the south of Thailand, in a little town called Ao Nang. 

The new smells, the smiles, the wonderful sticky heat, the calm of the jungle and the sea, all led me to the local yoga studio, where I met my teacher, Kru Tanny. I remember asking her on my first day: "how often do I need to come to class to see the benefits?" And to my surprise, she said, with her huge Thai smile: "every day". And that I did. And my life changed. 

For the first time, I was gaining strength, stamina, flexibility, calm, and I was really enjoying myself in the process! I had to pass this on!

The training

Since then and upon returning to London, I continued my practice and trained for RYS 200hrs certification, plus 100+ hours post-graduate trainings, including Yoga Nidra and Yoga for Hypermobility. Lastly, I completed the highest level of training, with the completion of my RYS 500 hrs with my absolute favourite and renowned Teachers' Teacher Jason Crandell.

The learning, of course, continues, and I am so happy to be able to share my love for yoga with you, and help you get stronger in and out too.

Hampstead. Photo by @designer_al

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